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This warranty service: product qualification adjustment from the date of first year, provide.
      Debugging service: we will free installation debugging equipment, including the operator                                            training or in the company.
       Customer service: to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, maintenance and                                              spareparts will be provided by the company, to maintain the equipment                                            services, such as the best condition you cannot solve the problem                                            appears, we will notify you within 72 hours after the experienced                                            technical personnel dispatched to the force majeure service,
                          Service: strong technical service team, can meet the customers’ various                                           emergency repair, the perennial inventory of various types of
                                          accessories,meet jehu parts can be needed.
          Lifelong service: after the warranty for the product, provide equipment for your service, and                                           to provide the most favorable price of complete spare parts service.
                                          Technical consulting service hotline: if you hotline and the production                                           base in this gets huayuan company sincerely service.
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